About me.

I believe that in art lies the power to trigger big and positive social change.

I am the founder and now executive director of the artist association named Atelje Atelier. The Atelje is more than an NGO, it’s a concept place for the alternative art scene offering an art gallery, an education center and the most advanced photo and video studio in the region. Atelje’s projects are mainly focused on culture and art and the enhanced impact on the society.

Recently I started working on several projects on the visual makeover of cities and the first project will be realized in Novi Pazar. I also work as a freelance photographer, videographer, graphic and product designer; in one name- Multimedia visual artist. I had been working for six year as an assisting professor on Computer Graphics and held many workshops on Photography and Creative Thinking.

My co-workers can always count on creative approach. I love working in groups and having live brainstorms on every given challenge. I believe transparency and networking play a crucial role in achieving the best results. My work style is systematic, where research and understanding the needs comes before suggesting ideas.

I graduated as the best student of generation on Graphic Design at the State University of Novi Pazar. I finished a Magister Degree of Product Design at Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. I had many training and ten years’ experience in the NGO sector.