– Filming
– Design of the materials and webpage
– Prepration of the videos and pictures we used for the projections in the streets

The first thought Dzenan had when he was introduced to the campaign: “Not really sure what to expect but I know it is such a great amnesty idea that it has to be good. This will be a year full of new experience”.

The thought Dzenan had when we finished the campaign: “I dont feel that its over I just can’t get it in my head that it could ever be over, its a project that hopefully will live long and inspire other huge projects”.

Dzenan works as assisting proffessor at the International University in Novi Pazar, Serbia. He also runs workshops on photography, has a private photo and design studio and recently he has been working on music videos. Dzenan is also an active member of several NGO (one of them is Active – sobriety, friendship and peace). Dzenan was a team member of Human Rights Generation in 2011.

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